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Monday, April 24, 2017

Linking the Orginial Water Cooler Blog

It must have been a computer hic cup but for some unknown reason, the original Bolles Family Water Cooler blog and this one became two separate items. In the effort to avoid confusion I have posted the web link below to join the two as one.

For posts going back to 2012, please click on the link and enjoy.

As mentioned before and not with mort time available, my goal is to add new postings on findings and other genealogical tidbits on our family's history and hunting for additional cousin connections.

To Be Continued......

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Look Back to Wells, ME 2007 Reunion

I just learn about a new great way to use Adobe Spark. It's a free cloud program that allow you to create and use your imagination for presenting new ideas. With that in mind, I went back to some photos taken while attending the Bolles Family Association 2007 Reunion, which was held in Wells, Maine and tried my hand with Spark.

Wells is the place that our first Bolles ancestor, Joseph and his wife Mary (Howell) settled with other individuals and families from England, to this foreign land in North American.  Joseph is my 8th Great Grandfather and from this location, his children branched out far and wide. It was a joy to wander the area and trek along the same fields, meadows and waterways that some 367+ years ago my ancestor had traveled.

I hope you enjoy and share with others, the short video of that trip. So just sit back, click on the link below and "Roll the tape"......

Bolles Family Association Reunion 2007 Wells, Maine

Monday, September 7, 2015

Laurence Calvin Blunt Jr. - an 8th cousin once removed

It started with a search, on Sarah Frost (BFA #2B-6),which lead to an application for SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) and a new cousin Laurence Calvin Blunt Sr. (BFA#2B-6d-7A-1a).  On his application, the family line lead back to my 7th Great -Great Aunt, Mary Bolles (BFA #2). With a little further digging, I was able to develop leads on Laurence's family and finish for that day on Aug 8th of this year. 

As I try to do, on a day I get to do some more research, or as my family says, play with our dead relatives, I look to see whose birthday it is that day and see if additional documents or sites can be found to our research. For yesterday, Sept. 7th, Laurence Calvin Blunt Jr. (BFA #2B-6d-7A-1a-1) would have been 112 years old. With that in hand, I began to dig and dig and dig so more. Before you knew it I had a wealth of new details on Laurence Jr. and family.

He was born, 6 Sept. 1904 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, from what I have found most of his life. At age 5, he lived on 606 Williams Street, Denver, with parents Laurence Sr. and Ruth Esther (Howe) Blunt. Ten years later while living at 1329 Adams Street, Denver, with his parents and one brother, Robert Matteson Blunt, who was born in 1916. Laurence was attending school in Jan of 1920.

Some eight years later, we find Laurence Jr. traveling, from Kingston, Jamaica on board the "S.S. Metaphan", arriving into the port of New York City harbor. He still had a Denver address, living at 1019 Downing Street. Just three short years, on 12th April 1930, at the same address, Laurence is a salesman at a candy company, which his father works at. Laurence Sr. had started at the same company round 1910, became a manager and Vice President around Jan 1920 and at April of 1930 was the President of it.

taken Jan 2012 from by Fern Bray

During 1933 he married Helen Mae Bevers, who was born 5 Nov. 1925 in Buffalo, Eire, New York; dying on 18 Jan. 1997 in Denver, Denver, Colorado. From 1935 to Apr 1940, they lived at 1818 Albion Street, Denver; where they had two daughters, one born about 1937 and the other about two years later. In 1948 he was found at 2810 Garrison Street, in Evanston, Cook, Illinois.

taken Jan 2012 from by Fern Bray
By 1936 -37 Laurence Jr. was a department manager at Harry Moll Inc.a distributor of Philco, Claircon radios and other products in Denver. In Apr 1940, we find him as a salesman for a wholesale electric company in Denver.  During 1981, his residence was at 650 South Clinton Street, Apt 4B in Denver. The final finding was his death in Jan 1985 in Denver, with his burial located at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Denver, Colorado; in the Memorial Terrace, Section 45, and Tier E. From that cemetery listing numerous other family members were located, several new findings that need further research.

Much more can and as time allows will be given to fill gaps and re-verify details. One never knows and is always amazed on what one document, a SAR application can lead to. The trail in this case was a hot one. A new line and many new cousins were found and now not forgotten.

To Be Continued…..

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sarah B. Bolles 1840-1893

Today's birthday research found details of Sarah B. Bolles, daughter of John N. and Sarah (Burgess) Bolles.  Sarah B. would have been 175 today, being born on 4 August 1840 in Massachusetts.  She was attending school in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts during 23 Aug 1850, living with her parents and brothers of Abraham M., John F., Charles E., James C., Edmond H. and sister Emma F.

We skip a decade or two and find Sarah B. , married to Alfred L. Popplestone, born 1842 , in England. On 6 Jul 1870, they were living in New Bedford, with their two children, Alfred (Allie) M., born abt. 1866 and Lewis, born May 1870 both in Massachusetts.  Alfred L. was a miller in New Bedford.

Finally,  Sarah B. is found buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Plot II, Lot #3 in New Bedford, Mass. having died in Winona, Winona, Minnesota on 9 Oct. 1893. 

She is next to her son Allie,  who died in 1874 at age 8. 

Later in 1897, Alfred L. Popplestone dies and in buried at the same cemetery along with his family.

Thanks to Zachary W. and  for the photos included for this post.

To Be Continued.....

Monday, August 3, 2015

Elizabeth Hannah Bolles 1808-1865

Elizabeth (BFA #685) was part of the new discoveries made this evening. We were aware of her family, but now have found three grandchildren of hers. New finds on female lines are always exciting, with names changing with each new marriage.  So welcome, my newly found 3rd cousin twice removed, Ida B. (#685-3A), Florence (#685-3B), and Louis Carlton (#685-3C).

A New Beginning....

It's been much too long since a posting was been made to the Bolles Family Water Cooler., so long that the old link  (  could not be logged into.

So with that, a new site is being set up. With this blog, named the same, I will be posting content on a better schedule, as new discoveries are made. So please check in often and share with those who you may be interested in our research and family history. My goal is to place faces and facts to the names, dates and events that have been recorded. Your comments, additions, corrections are always welcome,

Also, do not forget about the Bolles Family Association. That organization was the bug that bit me many years ago that made my love of history more interesting. Learning more about our family lines and what effects their lives had on the communities they lived in brings history to life. The BFA web site is

To Be Continued......